2007 Women’s Retreat Part II

Last weekend I was at Women’s Retreat at Camp Friedenswald, which is where you’ll find me the third weekend of every September.  There’s something special about going back to the same beautiful place during the same season every year.

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I think I have the code correct.
My Tech is off to the gym, but I’m here on a lovely afternoon.

the boats are waiting on Lake Shavehead

When I look in the mirror and see the newest lines between my nose and upper lip, or meet up with folks I haven’t seen in awhile, I get a good grasp of the passing of time, and how precious it is to be comfortable with friends.

the theme of the program was Exploring our Joys and Sorrows

I must admit that I couldn’t quite get into the program.  I had to return twice to read the printed schedule to find the name of the speaker.  I was on Retreat in beautiful surroundings, so to dredge up heartfelt misery during the Worship Service was far down my personal agenda.
It’s been 5 years since our oldest son has given any sign of wanting to communicate with his family, but sitting beside the lake is not the time when I would be able to discuss it.
For 5 years, since the day after he graduated college with a BS in Chemistry, our questions remain unanswered, and only HE can give explanations beyond my speculations.

We did have an impromptu yarn meeting in the evening.

Our friend Amy was making a repair on an aphghan belonging to her son.  She had e-mailed me to bring along some dark red/burgundy/maroon colors of yarn, with the hope for a match to work the hole closed.
I took along three skeins in my suitcase-shonuff, one worked.

Although the blankie is hand-knitted, she used a crochet hook and did a fine job.  When I held it up, even my practiced eye had to search for the mend.  We all were impressed…

I mentioned in my last post about how fast my own hook went.

today, the border got worked on

finished size is 47” x 38”

I talked to the future grandma this morning.  She will be traveling to be with her daughter after the baby comes, and says she will be glad to carry along this aphghan (saving me postage).

Perhaps a Sunday siesta would be welcome now….

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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