Vote For Dan, then go to Concert on the Quad

My nephew, Dan Powell

is entered in the Total Outdoorman Challenge.
Would you please click your vote? which has been extended for another week.

This morning the calendar pages got turned or torn off.
I have six to do, so this is a meditative/reflective activity.

Good Grief—the 7th month of the year already! 07/02/07

The Monday evenings of July are pencilled in for Concerts on the Quad at ISU.  Tonight’s music is

33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band

Description:  The band is an authentic reenactment of the actual Civil War Era band that was mustered at State Normal University in 1861.

so I’m excited to be able to carry my lawn chair and crochet bag down the street.  One of, if not the highest, favorite activity I do solo is to listen to music with a hook and yarn in my hands.

I’m working on cotton potholders.  Small enough to hold up off my lap, and easy to tote around during the busyness of Summer.  And they do seem to sell well at craft fairs.

Over the weekend, I wrote up and turned in my Resignation as the Hostess of the Fellowship Class during Sunday School, to be effective Labor Day in September.
It seems like 3 years has been a nice term of service.  Once public school begins, opening a paycheck job as a TA-Sub, I will probably want my weekends to be a bit more easygoing.

Kittycat Oscar is back to being his pesky self, and wants me to stop typing and start scratching his neck.
Now it’s Mahalia who isn’t eating much, and she is sleeping on dad’s side of the bed.
Not having children at home anymore, I have lots of time to be watching cat behavior.

Ah well, the washer is on its last spin, so I’d better be hanging the laundry out on the clothesline on such a lovely day.
Have a good one, yerselfs.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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