Today’s reading list

First place I go every morning is Comics Online.

Decrepit Old Fool has Questions Three about experiences in education.

Vitamin Sea has a wonderful way to cook burgers.  Actually, her family is having a pretty fun week, including a boat, so read some other writings as well.

Momma’s Corner celebrated the holiday with her family earlier in the week.  She has something to say about current events.

I’ve been back about six times to watch the kittens frolic at Truths and Half Truths.

I realize most of these are in my sidebar already, but a little extra touch is nice.

Also, about 40 hours left to Vote for Dan as the Total Outdoorsman.
A new picture is up, my sister (his mom) is the photographer.

Now I gotta get back to working papers through the shredder.

~~love and Huggs, Diane
ps with all those open links, I have the Comments closed

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