Mutterings from Me

This has been one of those days when I seem to catch myself coming and going.
Things begun are not completed in a timely fashion.
I went down to the storeroom and could not remember what I wanted, so I climbed back up the stairs and went over to the kitchen sink.
There was a cutting board needing washed, so I did that, completely forgetting the first reason I went to the storeroom.

Chris asked about a shirt to wear, so I decided to set up my ironing board to use as a sorting table.
I found his shirt, remembered what I needed from the food shelf.
It was so I could get started on a batch of zucchini nut bread.  That squash has been in the drawer since last Tuesday, and here it is market day again.

While I was down there, the dryer finished, so I put more wet laundry in.
The reason I’m doing laundry on a Tuesday is everything from our bed is getting washed and heat dry.

The other night I got woke up by a needle pain on my hip.

Fleas! in OUR BED!! even after both cats got their monthly treatment for ADVANTAGE (yeah the link is broken—check with your veterinarian).

I’m thinking how the little critters got there is that the property maintenance man (aka our head of household, top wage-earner, and all ‘round wonderful husband) has been out in the yard doing um, yard stuff.
You know, spraying herbicides, mowing grass, trimming bushes, pruning tree branches.
He’s been in the places where bugs live.
And they like where we live.

So, I bought a bottle of fleakiller spray stuff which is allowed to be used on upholstery.
Supposedly, the people and pets can resume normal life an hour later.
The first night, all was well, and we slept fine.

Then last evening, I went to the Concert on the Quad (the Irish dancing music was great, and I finished a white hat on the knitting loom), meaning I was sitting in the middle of a nice area of grass, while nearby was a family with a dog on a leash.

Perhaps I was the warm body who brought home the opportunity for the next feeding frenzy, because last night, I got a new pain and itch on my ribs.  Let’s just say that my supportive undergarment is getting shuffled around a whole bunch today.

Along with the expense of the ADVANTAGE for the cats, spray for the mattress, I have to add in some hydrocortisone cream for my skin.

And doing laundry an extra time in the middle of the week.

Where was I?  are you still reading my jibberish?

While the bread was baking, I decided I would love to have some red meat.  Diving into the chest freezer brought up chicken breasts and salmon, but nothing previously on four feet.

Yesterday, I discovered the handle for the hose nozzle was broken.  I made a special trip to buy a new one because I wanted to get done what I wanted to finish.

Today, I wanted bloody meat, we might even call it a craving, so as soon as the z-loaves came out of the oven to cool, again I drove the car to a store for a specific item.  Not driving the car for 3 days leaves a balance for the times when I drive it 4 days in a row.  A store which also sells dry cat food, but no, that item did not get put into the cart.

The roast is in the crockpot.  I made a big enough mess in the kitchen to use up a zucchini, so the countertop seems crowded right now.  And I’m planning on going to the Trailside Market to buy vegesides for supper.

I’m keeping busy without trying too hard.  Thank goodness I don’t have a plan for reading the latest Harry Potter book.  The sound of pages turning simultaneously all over the world was giving me a headache last weekend.

~~love and Huggs, Diane


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