Ohio Trip—the Weekend

When my son Chris went back to Ohio with me last year, he mentioned that it seems I make the trip mainly to please my mom, what with the Alumni Banquet, and all the relatives, and whatever is going on at church.
Pretty much what I did when I was growing up.

This year was no different.
The weekend was with People, with a capital P.

My brother drove in from Virginia.  He needed to be listened to.
Having a gunman go wacko in the next building was quite a crisis.

Although it has been a couple years since Uncle Charlie passed on, Aunt Ruth is a grieving widow.  She was glad for David and me as distractions.

My mom had been invited to a high school graduation party, and had listed me as her companion.  I barely remember the twin boys who were celebrating, but the food and guests were great.  We all caught up on all sorts of news.

Then out to my sister Denise’s house.
She served watermelon, and gave me an early birthday gift.

Then Mom and I went to the W Big Box Store, where I wanted to look over the yarn section, and she needed bananas.  Don’t get me started about how important this fruit is for my mother.
If you know her in real life, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Anyway, ever since she broke her ankle, she walks with a cane.  I told her that the craft department is probably way back in the corner, so we should get a wheelchair (thoughtfully provided in all WallyWorld stores).
She won’t do this, says she’ll be fine.
Rather than split up, then meet later, she wants to see the yarn shelves, too.

A whole bunch of old resentments bubbled to the surface, but I figured I’m only with her a couple days a year, just go along.

We did have a good time choosing a type of camouflage yarn so I can crochet an afghan for my nephew’s wedding gift.  The kid is quite an outdoors-man, and his dad says “anything camouflage” will be just fine.  This is actually called amazon.

During Sunday School, I got to meet the lady who is the Fellowship Class hostess.  She does donuts and coffee in the Christian Church kitchen same as I do at ours here in Normal.  I loved sitting down as a visitor on the other side of the counter.

We had quite a few laughs over very similar situations!!

Evening service was quite familiar to me, almost the same as the times of my youth.
Even the same song leader for 30 years!

There were some folks I missed during my visit.
I don’t stay long enough, I guess.
As Ben Franklin said, Fish and Visitors stink after 3 days.

I left Monday morning, but didn’t get on the road until I made a stop at Riesbeck’s Grocery in St. Clairsville and bought 6 boxes of 100 count Red Rose teabags, and a container of homemade raisin cookies at the bakery.  These items cannot be obtained locally!

As I mentioned the other day, the drive took 10 uneventful, downright boring, hours.

Husband also wrote a little something here.

For the rest of this week I’ve been catching up the laundry, reading, and a teeth-cleaning at the dentist.

Life goes on as usual.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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