Ohio Trip—Day Two—Friday

Has it really been a week since I left for Ohio?

Last Friday was devoted to being with Family.

My brother had come up from Virginia, the first time he left that area since April 16.  He had to keep going to his job in foodservice, there were still some students on campus, delivery trucks, etc.  There was much loss of food, due to expiration dates passing and no customers buying.

As an employee, he took advantage of counselling services, but he says that being with unconditional love of family helped bunches.

He wanted to get something which says our high school name on it, so we went to a sporting goods store downtown.  The colors are purple and white, quite different from the maroon and orange of the university.

Mom bought him a ball cap, I got him a hoodie.

We spoil our caboose kid.

With David doing the driving, we went up the hill to see the new educational complex, and down by the river to the remodeled football stadium.

Then across the river and way way up to a new shopping complex called The Highlands.

We used up a bunch of time in Cabela’s.
It is so big there were school busses bringing kids on a field trip.

My purchases were a magnet, key carabiner, and postcards.
I got a little change back from a $10.

Even this room was a bit over my price range.

Lunch at an Eat-n-Park, which has a nice salad bar and quite delicious hot turkey sandwich, with spuds and gravy over all.

Back at mom’s house, all three of us had a necessary nap.

~~love and Huggs, Diane


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