Lap Robe of Many Colors

The Needlework Group had a Craft Sale last Autumn.  With some of the profits, the Board members hired a contractor to build nice shelf units in the storeroom.  These allowed several members to go to the back and organize donations.  Now all the Blue 4-ply is in a plastic bin, all the Pastels Varigated has its own place in the corner, baby yarn is in a treasured spot with easy access.
You get the idea, and know how nice it is to be able to walk in and find what you’re looking for without having to open 8 other boxes first.  It feels almost like a store, except all these supplies were given to a worthy cause.  And as long as we’re working for charity, we can use up whatever we want.  (If the project is for a gift or personal use, then we’re expected to buy yarn.)

Odd bags and boxes full, the stuff which doesn’t quite fit any category, was left sitting in a far corner.  One of these was a clear plastic bag of crocheted squares.  It had been tossed together and marked with a yard sale sticker.
Even at $1, it was a no sale, and the Senior Center became the lucky receiver.

I had noticed the bag a couple times, and saw that it got moved from one spot to another, each getting closer to the trash can.

The Thursday before the Relief Sale, knowing my potholders were done and the next project had not been earmarked, I brought the bag of squares home with me.
Yes, I would be putting a finish on what someone else started.

One afternoon, I sat on the floor in the living room and commenced sorting.  The bag turns out to have squares for 3 projects, different type and colors of yarns.

I decided to do the biggest squares first, since they were the most numerous and brightest.  I had to give up trying to just sew them together.  The edges didn’t quite meet, and they had been worked by a right-hander.
Next time I was in the yarn storeroom, I found enough avocado green yarn to pull it all together.

I worked a single crochet stitch around each square, making sure to get the corners equal.  Then I laid them all out on the bed to see how the colors would work.
As I had hoped, the green and the colors bring a picture to my mind’s eye of a garden.
The strips are single crocheted together, then a double crochet border.

Hhmm—if it is to be a garden, there has to be shadow.
Ah, yes, a ball of forest green from my stache to put a row of single stitches at the very edge.

Squares of many colors

53” by 56” 4 ply acrylic yarn with a size K hook

It so happened there was to be a cookout at ExU and we were invited for lunch.
I wove in the last of the knot ends, stuffed the aphgan into a bag and went to meet Husband.  I wanted to show the thing around a bit to folks who usually only get to see pictures of my projects.

He has a bunch of co-workers who are the nicest people.  And his former boss can grill a really tasty hamburger.
I watched, just to be sure—meat not pink, no black.

The aphgan got readily admired.  There were some who thought that two weeks to do the green parts might have taken longer.  I’m told I crochet fast.  Having the colored squares already done made this seem to move along quickly.

One little boy tried to lay it out on the ground.  We were having a picnic after all.
That was soo sweet, like it’s been blessed already.
Anyway, I already plan to put it through the laundry to make sure the knots hold.

I suspect this one will go to the nursing home to be used as a lap robe.  There was a request for many in time for Mother’s Day.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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