Good Company Again

Every once in a while, a mom can get it right.

This morning, after being chauffeur for Husband, I decided to drive the extra half block and stop for the drive-thru at McDs.
While waiting, I thought that more than coffee might be needed for the college student son who was up late into the night, doing what I believe was research or group study or ensemble practice or lesson plans.
He had equipment loaded into his car and backpacks across both shoulders.

Gads, that kid is busy!!!

I ordered two #4 breakfasts, with two regular black coffees.

Since I was headed home, and there is real half-‘n-half in the fridge, I didn’t want to waste time having somebody else do the lightener.

I was going to serve him breakfast in bed, but he said he doesn’t like doing it, so he came out into the kitchen.
We putzed around getting ketchup and cream and reheating hashbrowns in the microwave.

Mother and Son sat down to a meal together!

He thanked me at least 3 times before he went down the hall to grab a shower.

Like I said yesterday, it’s nice to have a good companion.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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