Gray and White and Gold

We’re having a Snow Day today.  Before daylight, I was on the computer looking at websites for updated information.
Schools, Universities, everybody except the neighbor’s dog is indoors.  updated to add:  he was on their porch, but went inside in less than 10 minutes.

But my dentist was open. I called first thing this morning, and somebody answered.
Husband volunteered to be my chauffeur.  He said he’d take his book and wait.

We put the car in a little spot where the wind blew a drift.  He shovelled a path to the door for me.
Well, Open until Noon, the Receptionist was busy calling and cancelling afternoon appointments.  The building is on a little side street, usually forgotten by the city snow plows.  And doc said his 4-wheel drive truck with blade would not start today, depsite having been in the repair shop last week.  He usually plows the parking lot.

I’m getting a gold crown replaced.  I believe the thing is a teenager, and there was a bit of decay under it, so the time has come.  I hate the smell which happens when the drill is sending off tiny parts of a tooth.  I don’t know if it’s the rotten part leaving or the metal causing heat, but that smell is nasty.  Always reminds me of the dentist office.

The temporary is enamel color, as will be the permanent.  My set of 5 examples of expertise will not match any longer.  I remember when a little girl in the Pre-K room ask why I have so many shiny teeth when I laugh.  My response was that the dentist likes me.

Doc asked if I wanted to keep the gold, maybe get it melted into something pretty.  I told him No, it reminded me too much of that scene in Schindler’s List where the crowns were getting pulled.  He can consider it a tip.  His assistant giggled, but by then I had tools in my mouth and couldn’t ask why what I said was funny.

I’m half-heartedly doing some laundry folding, alternating with checking what is going on in Blogland.

Woolgathering has a picture which gives me a twinge of being homesick.  As I mentioned in her comments, I grew up along the Ohio River, so to see Pittsburgh gave my heart a lurch.

Pete’s permalink isn’t working for me, but you can go to Terminal Ward for the date 13 Feb 07 and see pictures of the snow in our town.

We’ve also added A Normal Backyard to my Favorites in the sidebar.  A camera in Dan’s hands is a thing which brings beauty.

Heh, heh.  Our neighbors kitty-corner are just returning to the house with skis on their feet and poles in their hands.  Must have needed to get out for some exercise.

My mister is out in the garage working on the snowblower.  He says the fuel has evaporated.  We never had to use the machine last winter.

He’s got hours of labor ahead of him.  The weatherman says this storm will go on until midnight.  Who knows how much drifting will happen with the wind going so strong.

Gonna get going on the next basket of laundry to fold.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

ps snow picture by DOF

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