So many Distractions

If you are wondering why I’m absent, the crocheted items for Christmas have been keeping me busy.  Although I did do some bookmarks for Baptism gifts and got them sent away.

Yesterday, Matthew McConnaughey was a guest on OPRAH because he is the star of a new movie We_Are…Marshall, which is about the football team of the university in Huntington, WV.
I’m sitting there (enduring all the audience participation which happens on her show) hook and yarn going full tilt.

I changed colors for the next stripe.  Go all the way to the end of the row, turn it around, get about 18 stitches and notice a mistake in the previous row.  Have to pull it out to that point.  Work it some more, get all the way back to the color change place.  There was a miscount on its very first chain 5 and turn.  Two full rows to pull out and wind the yarn.
All the while, I’ve got my eye on the tv, because let me tell you, the guy is absolutely gorgeous, and speaks with just a touch of Texas accent.

After all that, I just didn’t feel like writing anything.

Meanwhile, I have to go clear the walks.  Only 1/2” of snow last night, and the way the sun is shining, if I brush it away, I should find some bare concrete.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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