Umm, It’s Friday, Right?

My last post seems to have caused a few grins!  Wish I could muster up such enthusiasm more often.
I began this month with good intentions for NaBloPoMo National Blog Posting Month, except I chickened out of actually submitting my name in time and putting up the logo.
It’s just as well.  Being on my feet in the church kitchen for 9 hours last Saturday, I didn’t feel like writing when I got home.  Oh wait, when I got home, we went out again for wonton soup and to see a movie.
And so, here I am as usual, writing while the mood glimmers.

My hook and yarn are busy with a project brought home from the Yarn Group.  Somebody’s bags and boxes of donations covered the whole top of a table.  In one bag was granny squares done in sport yarn baby colors.  Some were already sewed together, then 3 plastic bags full of squares in proper colors.  I took on the job of arranging the contents into something pretty and finishing the whole deal.  The person who made all the squares is right-handed, so an added vexation is me trying to line them up and connect straight while being a leftie.
I agreed to this because the reds Prayer Shawl pattern was getting too frustrating.  I keep losing the count, so it seems I have pulled out more stitches than remain there looking pretty.
I can’t sit and chat while working with it, and I haven’t had inclination to be alone and concentrate.

Now that I’ve brought up the subject, I do believe my mind is leaving.  Thank goodness this is the week for the blood levels test at the lab.  And yes, the thyroid medicine dosage has again been reduced and now stands at 125 mcg.  I’ve taken pills 2 mornings, and can already feel the difference with my memory problems and muscle aches.
What bothers me most is the medical people seem to think all this is to be expected.  Like I have time and money to keep experimenting.  I told the CNP who prescribed it to give the lowest dose possible.  I was taking 150 mcg in August, and that month was lost to me.  I remember a couple blips of certain activities, but mostly I remember feeling weak and dizzy.  The day I slept 16 hours (2 hours at one stretch, upright for an hour between) is one I don’t wish to repeat.
Each time I have the lab work, the phone call comes telling me what’s going on, and seems a bit surprised that not all is well.  A person who doesn’t have health insurance would not be able to stick around for the full course.
I’m losing patience with the whole scene.  I’m thinking the brisk walk around the block and nodding to the neighbors does just as much good as taking a pill with plenty of water.
We’ll see how I am the next 6 weeks during holiday activities.

Speaking of, Lucas is coming home for Turkey Day.  From the afternoon before to the evening of.  Not a long time, but he’s got jobs to work while classes are not happening.  I’ll have to make sure his bed is ready for sleeping, even if only one night.

Well, I’ve probably caused enough shrugs for now.
Nothing much going on worth mentioning.

~~love and Huggs, Diane


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