Shopping not fun at all

Monday afternoon, a call came to me saying that the position I had interviewed for at the school cafeteria went to someone else.  She said she will keep my app as a Substitute.  If I want to do that, there will be a bit more paperwork.  Flu season is coming, so there is a good chance I will be working most days.  She described the uniform, and I have only one proper shirt in the closet.

Meanwhile, I went white pants shopping.  I had to go to the mall anyway, to have my glasses adjusted.  It is next to impossible to find white pants in November, especially in my hefty size. At the 4th store, there was some white denims, which I deemed will be alright.  At the 6th store, another customer mentioned I should go to a uniform store, and told me where is one about 4 miles away.  Apparently, I don’t get out much.  Last time I was driving that road, there were soybean fields.

The mall was bright lights and bad music and my head was pounding.
I like walking around the block with my stick much better than walking slick floors with so many other people to bump into.
I decided to come on home, especially since my glasses haven’t felt this good since I got them a couple months ago.  Next time I’m there, I’m asking for the manager straight out.

Outdoors is raining and cold and gray.
I think I’ll put on some music and crochet awhile.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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