A few years ago, Husband made a walking stick for me from an old shovel handle.  He trimmed and smoothed it near the bottom so the end would fit into the little rubber tip he bought at the drugstore.  He drilled a hole near the top so I could braid a string and have a way to hang it.

Although I have used the stick before, I’ve been using it more often this week during my walks.  The sidewalks are covered with dry leaves and small branches, making my quick pace a bit questionable.
I like how the stick helps with support and balance.  There is no way it should be mistaken for a medical device, and yet some folks treat me more kindly while I’m carrying it.

Today I walked downtown to put some items into the blue mailbox in front of the post office.  I’m able to walk a bit faster, have more confidence when I have a sturdy aid in my hand.
Near the ISU Science Building, a girl was coming towards me on the same sidewalk.
As we got nearer, she paid me a compliment about the nice walking stick, using that proper name.  I said Thanks, and that my husband had done it for me.  She said I’m lucky.

I think so, too.  ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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