Bookmarks Done, alas No Picture

Well, Folks, I took at least six pictures of the latest 8 crocheted bookmarks.  However, the camera and chip were not communicating properly.  The chip is blank.
Rest assured, they are quite lovely.
I delivered them to the Senior Center, where they were oooed and aahhed over quite a bit.  Along with the baby afghan, they are resting in a box marked Completed Projects, ready for the craft sale coming the last day of this month.  Also in that box are 3 knitted scarves, two knitted hats and several ornaments done by others.  It is one of many boxes back in the storeroom.

I’m having bunches of fun with the Needlework Group.  We have a time of show ‘n tell at the beginning to let everybody see what we worked on all week.
There is much chatter, catching up news and opinions.  Once we get into the actual work or lessons, not so much noise, just the occasional sentence or so.  A nice couple hours with pleasant people.

Today I was helping someone who hasn’t crocheted in a long time to try her hand with the bookmarks.  She wants to make a bunch for Christmas.  While she did her rows, I worked the entire center post for a lacy cross.  She got a bit defeated, but since she knew how to crochet before, I told her the memory and joy will come back with practice.  And to remember how much knitting she does, which I can’t do at all.  My fingers do tend to fly with the hook, so I told her to stop comparing herself to me!
We made a copy of the pattern, I gave her my phone number and e-mail.  She says she doesn’t want to be sitting and crying come Saturday afternoon and then have to wait until next Thursday!

I told her my secret about putting on some soft music while I work, then I simply have to stop when the music does.  Partly so that the chores get done, but mostly so that I do some movement of other body parts!

This, plus an unexpected mid-afternoon coffee break with Husband were the highlights of my day.
Now I gotta figure what we’ll have for supper.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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