Our 26th Wedding Anniversary

Well, I hadn’t thought much about it, until I got an e-card from a friend and then saw my picture over at Momma’s Corner where Mary put up a real nice post!  She’s not my mom in real life, but I’ll claim her as an aunt or other close relative.

Thank You Kindly for remembering!

Yep, today is the date for our 26th wedding anniversary.
Falling in the middle of the week like this, there’s not much in the way of plans for a celebration.
I tend to think of the third Saturday in October as the time of remembering, since that was when we could book the church and minister.  Our friend who was the Best Man was on Fall Break from college, so he and his wife drove half the night to be there with us.

The day so far was pretty much like any other.  We were both up early because of the aches of age.  My Mister went off to the job on his bicycle.  I did a bunch of yard work while the weather holds.

If you would like to see pictures from last year, when we did a bit more, you can go to Decrepit Old Fool 25 years, or to mine for Our 25th anniversary.  There’s no way I can change that cake picture, nor should I want to.  My friend Karen did a masterpiece, and went on to have a baker’s business for a long time after.

Here’s one from our 20th.

Lucas, Joe, Diane, George, Chris   mid-October 2000

The back yard, from that viewpoint, looks just the same, except this year, fewer leaves have fallen for now.

Talk about going aways from my expectations.
I’m all set to do the ironing.
Thanks, Again, Mary!

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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