Jeweltones Afghan

Here’s the most recent crochet project.
The yarn was given to me by a friend of the friend who had the 50th wedding anniversary awhile back.  I carried a huge bag away from the party to the car.
Folks with generous hearts, who have recently cleaned out hobby closets, often find themselves standing in front of me. 🙂

When I sorted, I found quite a bit of the Red Heart Jeweltones, which is a 4-ply of 65% acrylic / 35% nylon.

This pattern is the American Granny Square with a size K crochet hook.  The squares are crocheted together with single crochet stitch.  The border is a row of single crochet sapphire, then a row of single crochet brights, and lastly a row of double crochet sapphire.

Its destination is undecided so far.  The place I originally intended has chosen to not have a craft fair this Fall.
But don’t worry, plenty of other groups want my yarn outcomes.

I’m going to let this one rest awhile.  I haven’t had good feelings with it.  The nylon part of the yarn made my fingers itch,  so I found myself almost dreading to take it up and work another square.  Weaving in the ends seemed tedious.
Often in the past, when I have dark thoughts during the work, the project goes on to some weird end, such as not getting bought even at half price.  Or saddest of all, being wrapped around a baby who was stillborn and buried.
I didn’t make a pastels blanket for 16 months after hearing that.

Here I am, glum and morose, when that bright picture is up there howling for admiration.  I’ll tell ya, folks who have seen it in real life think it’s the nicest blanket.  The colors match well, and the nylon makes it soft and warm.

Moving right along….I’ve got some bookmarks to do, and another afghan already started.  Time to go back to what I prefer to work with, bedspread cotton thread.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

Update: Tuesday, 17 October 2006 This afghan was sent to the Indian Run Christian Church in Canton, Ohio.  There’s a Craft Fair happening to benefit the Building Fund.  The minister of the congregation is an old friend from DOF’s alma mater, and served as the Best Man for our wedding.

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