Would you say this is Worth Waiting For?

It has been brought to my attention that I haven’t written a new post for a week.
Well, I guess I should say that real life got in the way.
Plus, Husband is on vacation.

We had to have 3 old and storm-damaged honey locust trees cut down and hauled away.

As soon as the noisy men and machines were gone, Mahalia had to check out her turf.

All we have left is a new yard ornament
broken down stump cutting machine outside my window.

If it weren’t so sad, I could have been fully amused by a man cussing a blue streak into a cell phone and grinding the starter motor of that expensive, often used, very important, needed for the next job, heap of metal.
Sitting in OUR side yard for days.
The company lost time and work.

The applesauce made last week got duplicated twice more.
I drove out into the country and delivered a half gallon to a friend who has 3 little kids.

There were Soybean fields to the right of me

Cornfields to the left of me

and a red bush waiting in the church parking lot.

For a time stretching across two days, a bunch of us workers in the church kitchen processed apples for pie filling.  The final number of containers was more than 70, stored in a freezer until needed for baked goods for the Relief Sale.  Some folks might not think it could be fun to do so much work, but many hands and good chatter make the hours seem to fly by.  I don’t have pictures, my hands were usually too sticky to handle my camera.

Which brings me to today, when I baked Apple Crisp at home.

Now I’m gonna go crochet on the aphgan I’m making for a craft sale, although I’m not sure of the date it is due. I turned the calendar page and it is still blank.  I’d better get all the appointments and meeting times written in.

Meanwhile, if I don’t post again soon enough to suit you, please go read
Owlhaven’s assignment about Encouragement and of course the comments
and Carrie’s response

or Anyone, Anything, Anywhere on my Favorite Blogs List
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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