Of all the things I’ve lost in life, I miss my mind the most

Today was a nice day in that I did not recognize any of the names either in the Obituaries or the week’s Divorce listings.
I’m getting to the age when those two places in the newspaper are on my Must Read schedule, especially since we only get the paper on Sundays.

I also gave away several items to folks at church.
There’s quite a story behind how I happened to have 3 pairs of little girl socks still in the wrapping, in a drawer next to a crochet pattern for lace, but I’m not going to go into it here.  By the time an old broad makes it to age 50, there are tales galore, and not all are pertinent to the case in hand.  I do know that these 3 pair of socks are in a finer place than where the first 3 found a home.

If you want to waste a half hour of your time, type some random word, say Gravestones into a search engine, then look at Images.

My original idea was to find an illustration for an idea I had about the date.  I got so interested in the clicking back and forth that the original thought went flying away.

I saw everything from a grandmother’s picture embedded right into the stone, to some which are centuries old, cracked and unreadable.  Of course, at least one patriotic/veterans cemetery, and then many markers in rows leading away from the stained glass window of a church.

Then there are the websites for monument stores.  How odd to happen upon one of those when I’m not in the market for something that weighs 678 pounds!

Most unusual was this one, with the pink background.
Yes, these are models…
at the Langley Model Company in the UK, which seems to be able to set up the whole world of a village in a single room of a house.

Since my reason for coming over here went fleeing away with the turn of the laser pointer, I guess I should call it a night.

Here’s hoping for us all to have a good week ahead.
My social calendar has 6 meetings written in.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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