We are a literate family

The book sorting moves along.
Here’s what went away as donations to the ISU Milner Library.
Their book sale will be coming in a month or so.

I backed the car as close into the back porch as the downspouts and drain tube allowed, then paced myself for several trips getting them into the car.

When I rang the bell at the Receiving ramp of the library, I told the woman who answered that we would need a cart.
She was gone a couple minutes, then came back with something flat and sturdy on wheels, and a muscular young man as helper.
Their spoken thank yous were many and sincere.

There’s still much to be done in this room.
I’m having a difficult time parting with stuffed animals.
There. are. too. many.  Most are mine, not for sons!

However, I rewarded my morning’s efforts with a Mocha Bianca Chiller from Latte Time, along with a lunch of leftover chicken chili, and strawberries.

Eating commenced while reading articles in The Economist magazine.
I may never again think of baby food in the same way.

Mr Bennink took his lead from France, where his old firm, Danone, and its main rival, Nestlé, had found novel ways to grow. They put more effort into advertising the health benefits of baby foods. They innovated, introducing more consumer-friendly packaging and bottles and developing the “toddler milks” market for children aged one to three. And they convinced retailers that, properly marketed, baby food could draw high-spending younger adults into their stores. As a result, the French market has been growing by more than 8% a year for the best part of a decade, and French babies now consume twice as much baby food per head as their peers in Britain—and 40% more than Americans.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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