Medicine, Walking, and Books

There was an appointment with the Family Practice Nurse Practitioner yesterday.  The main conversation was about the lab tests which showed my thyroid numbers more than double where it is supposed to be.  This tells us that my gland is not working its required potential, with the term hypothyroidism applied.  She says we won’t worry about the lipids and cholesterol until we get the thyroid regulated.  Research has shown that the body tends to go overboard in other areas in order to protect the main organ.  Once we get the dosage of the pills correct, the other blood components decrease and level off in a more normal pattern.
I asked the CNP if she had taken an Edu Psyche class with [Instructor] because those words “research has shown” were used quite often during lectures.  She said no, given that her education was quite awhile ago, but the phrase fits in many areas.

For all you medical types out there, I’ll copy the name of the medication LEVOTHYROXINE in the lowest dose of 150mcg.  I told her to write the lowest dose because of all the troubles I have with drugs.  Demerol almost killed me by causing my blood pressure to drop too fast.  Two Tylenol or Motrin will have me sleeping for about 10 hours.
I take this one each morning for 6 weeks, then return for another blood test and weigh in to see if that drug quantity is sufficient, or if we need to increase or cut back.
Since so many of my women friends and family members who are above the age of 40 seem already to be on this path of thyroid failure, let us please clasp hands and pray for smart medical professionals and worthwhile health benefits.
The statement came today for all my trips to the clinic during the last month, with a total of over $700.
I, the patient/spouse-insured, owe a little tiny $5, which we missed as a part of the co-pay structure update.

Meanwhile, the morning walks have become routine.  I’ve decided that I will go a little further on the straight sidewalk, then turn for a round in a different neighborhood as variety.  Sometimes I pick up trash, this morning I carried 2 pound weights in my hands.
I’ll have to remember my camera every so often, because well-tended flower beds during sunrise—-gasp—-my camera and hand tremors might not do them justice for a blog picture.

The lump in the arch of my left foot is gone, but the spot is still tender when I massage it.  My waistline is changing shape.  Today, I wore shorts with a drawstring, which I needed to hold them up.  The denim shorts which I could not get fastened in April now hang so low as to be uncomfortable during pace.

My husband has been looking at exercise machines for use here in the house.  Once the weather gets colder, I might not be quite so likely to get out and keep moving.
The best space to use it would be here in this area, which was an addition intended to be the formal dining room.
The original owners must have been quite the party-givers.

We used it as the playroom when I was doing home daycare.  Hard to believe there was a mini-trampoline getting hard and frequent use.  There were some afternoons with 7 children playing.  They are all at least college age now.  Time marches on.

These days, the room holds thousands of books and videotapes, with my computer over here in the corner.  We call it the Study, although I mentioned before that the table cannot be used for work.  The clutter boggles the mind and overwhelms any organizing system.

Perhaps I should simply bring in a snow shovel from its storage place in the garage.

Nah, some of these might be donated to benefit the library book sale.  I cleared two shelves yesterday.  The box is too heavy to carry, which means I’ll have to sort again.
Now before you come on saying that I should sell on E-bay, etc. my answer is No.
I watched son Lucas doing that for years, all the ISBN entering and descriptions and site monitoring and packaging and trips to the post office.
He was good at it.  I could be, but I don’t really want to.
Plus, online sales and competition has gone much further than many people ever dreamed could happen.  A book I ordered did not arrive, after a month of waiting before I complained, then it took another month to get the payment returned, and then I got a letter of woe from the sender about how I gave her a low rating.
I have a difficult time dealing with folks across the counter, so if I have a choice, I’ll pass over wailing by e-mail.

The local library does its job very well, I’m delighted to provide items for its support.

This little message fills you in on most of my happenings.  Do you folks have a life?  What are you doing this summer?

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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