Kristine’s Blue Shawl

Over at Random and Odd, there is going to be a wedding on the second Saturday in July.
Kristine wrote in a little statement of Thanks for the shawl I sent to her.

Now that she has seen it first, here’s a picture.

The DMC cotton thread was purchased for 10 (15?)cents a ball at our local Woolworth’s Going Out of Business sale.
What was that? about 9 years ago?
so it has been sitting in a plastic bin behind the couch just waiting for a perfect project to use such nice quality thread.  Maybe that qualifies as the Something Old for the bridal superstitions.

The stitch pattern and border are just the same as the Prayer Shawl I did last winter.

The difference between them, besides the colors, is the strands of the cotton thread and the size of the hook.  The blue shawl is lighter weight because of the Summer wedding.
The finished measurements are within an inch of each other.

Kristine says she is blessed to be the receiver.
I hope she and her girls have as much fun with using it as I did with the carrying it around and working on it!

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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