Golly, I’m rambling again

This day seems to be in limbo.  So many items are on the Gotta Do list, yet all I wanna do is sit and crochet the latest baby blanket of Bernat CottonTots yarn.  Only 5 more rows and the border to go.  With a size J hook, the rows add on pretty fast.
What I should be working on with a hook is the graduation crosses.  My mind is a jumbled mess, so forming the tiny stitches and counting rows for the pattern is out of the question right now.  There are 9 high school kids on my list, and the newspaper hasn’t published names yet, so I’ll probably find a couple more in there.  All those years doing volunteer mom jobs made many introductions.  I often surprise the young people with my cards and little memory notes.

The research paper for Illinois Government class is on hold.  The prof pushed back the due date, and the Final isn’t until May 17.
I have scribbled notes, and bookmarked pages on the computer, so 3 pages doesn’t seem like too much right now.
Maybe as the deadline nears, I’ll panic.

I went to the dentist for a filling replacement this morning.  My whole chin is still numb, and I can’t feel my smile, but I haven’t bitten a chunk out of my lip or cheek yet.  He says one of my gold crowns is showing wear, so I should be thinking about getting it replaced with a ceramic in the next few months.  Putting an extra $600 co-payment into the financial future will take some planning—or maybe once I get a job!

The employment search is also on hold until after graduation and my trip to Ohio over the holiday, and probably my birthday in June.  One step at a time.  I have to decide what I want.  Well, what I want and what my husband wants for me are different.  We are still discussing family and household and emotions being tied to what brings home the paycheck.  Maybe I quit going to the therapist too soon.  Maybe this blog is compensation.

The other day, there was a picture in the newspaper of a guy I knew awhile back.  He is now selling real estate.  I’m wondering if it brings in as much money as being a waiter did for him.  Someone in class told me that her sister said there is a case for divorce proceedings, which also makes me wonder about his job change.  You know that six degrees of separation about who knows who?  It works great in a smallish town.
These are times when I wish Life could be like a movie and we know the plot and ending in a span of a couple hours.

If you haven’t tried the Hershey’s peanut butter kisses, I am now telling you to get some and enjoy.  Someone brought her Easter leftovers to class, and so I got a taste test.
Which of course led to the buying of a bag, kept under the lid in the crock next to my computer.
They melt nicely on the tongue, considering that my jaw is still sore.

Maybe some noodle soup for lunch, and then I’ll see what I can accomplish this afternoon.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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