A Senior Moment

What a long weekend….

Saturday morning, I was a Volunteer for the Red Cross Blood Drive at the church.
Then I was the last appointment to be a Blood Donor.  Husband came by just as I was getting done with my time in the chair, and awhile later we were on our way.

Sunday morning, I did my usual time during Sunday School serving snacks in the church kitchen, then made the phone call for him to come be my chauffeur.

At home, I worked for more than an hour at getting the lesson plans ready for my Final Project in the Activities for Children class.  I have to be with real kids, so Monday, I’ll be driving across the prairie to my friend’s home-based daycare and acting as Guest Teacher.

I had to be back at the building around 4pm to clear space for the evening meal being served to a choir.
Then I got to just sit and be a member of the audience and admire talent when it happens.
The new grand piano in the sanctuary is a blessing.

Afterwards, while everyone was standing around chatting, I went back to the kitchen just to be sure it was tidy for the needs of the HeadStart Pre-school which uses the building all week long.

When I was done, as is my custom, I went over to the phone in the corner and pushed the numbers for Husband’s cell phone.

When he picked up, I said, “Hi, I’m done”.

There was a couple seconds pause, then he said “Uh Huh”.

So I went on saying that he could leave now and by the time he got to the church, I’d have my stuff gathered and would meet him by the back door.

There was a couple seconds pause, then he explained.

“Honey…you have the car…”

I think it is time I went to bed to sleep long and well.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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