Connections for Birthdays

It is coming up on the end of February, which means March will be blowing in soon.
Around these parts, that means birthdays.  Next month’s birthday chart has 17 names on it.  I’m getting all sorts of things into a pile to be able to do up the parcels and envelopes then make just one trip to the post office.
This makes it easier for me, but Somebody is bound to get a card late or a gift early.  Shrug.  We should spread the love over a full festival rather than one crammed eventful day.

However, getting me into the spirit already are a few ladies celebrating today, which also happens to be George Washington’s birthday.  I’d like to help you find your way over to
Mary at Momma’s Corner which is her weblog’s original home link, then go to the date of February 25, 2006.  There are pictures and posts of Two friends born the same day.

Over at What Was I Thinking?, Susie tells the story of how her precious daughter came into this world after years of trying.  The link goes to her main page, so you’ll have to go to February 25, 2006 and keep looking back to February 20 and the pictures of the coolest party ever.

There is no way I would have been so brave to go through all what Susie went through to get a baby.  Getting pregnant was a dreaded circumstance for me, even though I love babies and would have them around all the time if I could.  There may come a day when I get back into being a daycare teacher because I really love babies.
But morning sickness and breastfeeding and hormones and postpartum depression and potty-training?
Thankfully, a time long in the past.

Today, I’ll just sit and read and cheer on some good folks.

Happy Birthday! to Mary and Marguerite and LG!
With many more to come!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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