A Quick Update

The last few days, as in over the weekend, have been a boring blur around here.  It began Friday when I received an e-mail from my friend saying that her son-in-law had gotten a call from the Social Services agency telling them that the birth mother had changed her mind about giving over the baby for adoption.  In the state where they live, this is a legal option.  Their nursery will have to wait even longer.

Two e-mails haven’t been answered, so I imagine the family is going to rally round each other and try to make the best of this devastating news.
Having hopes dashed brings on an emotional upheaval.
And all I did was crochet an afghan using cotton yarn.

My math homework is done as far as I can take it.  I’ll meet with my study group and see if anyone else made progress a little further.

A co-worker of DoF’s saved our television evening by telling him that HOUSE, M.D. was doing a special presentation tonight rather than the usual Tuesday.  We watched the show while sitting in chairs side by side, doing all kinds of mumblings and second-guessing the plot.
I didn’t even pull out the crochet hook and thread.
Tired folks had a cheap date.

You folks just carry on as best you are able.
We’ll do our darndest to hold up our piece of the world.
~~love and Huggs, Diane
ps I was going to try to link a picture of Hugh Laurie, but the website over there was being a pain in the wrist.
The crown for the tooth, Stage 2, happens at 9am Tues 21 Feb.  Hold good thoughts.

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