Careful What I Wish For

Being the first person up on a Sunday morning has a couple advantages.  Tops on the list is bringing in the newspapers from the porch and sorting them according to the order I want to read them while eating my oatmeal and sipping my tea.

Before I put the advertisements pages on the recycle pile, I looked over the jewelry pictures.  There are many photos of gold hearts necklaces and bracelets, with white diamonds, and red garnets and rubies, and purple amethysts, and ‘created’ pink sapphires.
Valentine’s Day in everloven colors.

I don’t wear much in the way of jewelry.  I have one hole pierced in each ear and I like lever-back earrings.  I wear a Swiss Army officer’s watch.  My wedding ring came along more than 50 pounds ago, and I have never bothered to get it sized bigger, so I can’t wear it.
All the years of working at the cafeteria with kitchen equipment such as slicers and steam tables made me leery wary of having any metal on my fingers.

Then the years of changing diapers at the daycare center and washing my hands 17 times in an hour (true tally) meant allergic contact dermatitis.

Back to the pictures.  The one item of jewelry I like to wear is a necklace, which is why I was studying the photos.  All that gleam though!  I already have a nice necklace with red stones.
But the big day for Love is coming, and I was just looking.
The pictures come free in the paper, might as well make it worth the store’s money.

I put aside the advertising sections.  My grandma usta say that looking over with envy leads to the first step on the road to ruin.

The kettle boiled and I fixed myself some breakfast.  I read the PARADE magazine and the comics, and had just enough time to look at the obituaries.
Whew! Nobody’s name I know in there.

As I was getting dressed in our room, I studied my jewelry collection.  There are some nice items, really.  Many have been gifts over the years.

One pretty necklace is a little something I bought from AVON awhile back.
This would just fit my wish for the morning.

Sometimes it pays to have a faulty memory.
Old things become new again.

Valentine’s Day is gonna be just splendid.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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