Memories of The Munsters

Today a good guy, Grandpa Munster breathed his last.  95 years young, with his wife at his side.  He was also known as Al Lewis, actor, restauranteur, politician.

The Munsters was on tv when I was on bedrest for having rheumatic fever.  That was the summer and fall when I was age 9, and according to that website, smack dab in the middle of the show’s heyday.

My dad carried a huge lunch box to the mill.  He called it his Herman Munster lunchbox.  I did him one better.  In 4th grade, I had a kiddie lunchbox and thermos with characters from the show all over it.  I suppose on e-bay that thing would be worth a fortune today.  Naw, I just checked and there’s one going for $59.99 and 0 bids.  What a hoot!  My dad would be so proud!  One man’s trash is another one’s treasure.

Anyway, this coincides with a conversation the guys were having the other day across the lunch table.  Chris was talking about a tv show he had watched where one of the fellas was humming a song, then someone else picks up the next line, and it goes on like that for awhile.  Husband said there should be more carrying on like that in real life, that people should be more forgiving and look at all we have in common.

So I had to put in my two cents worth.  Usually, they talk about things way over my head in technical gibberish or just guy stuff.  But on this occasion, I had a bit to add.

I told them about when I was working at a chain restaurant and I had to do the register as someone was leaving.  The bill’s sum was $13.13, so I said that aloud, then muttered under my breath “Mockingbird Lane”.  The paying customer, who was fishing for the money from his wallet, immediately began whistling the tune to The Munsters old tv show.  Golly, I have a voice that carries.  And this was a time before I had to do bellowing for playground supervisor.
So I hummed along, and a lady about our same age who was a couple spaces back in line began humming, too.  Everybody got in a good mood just as they were leaving.  It was cute to watch.

Twice in one week, I have had a memory of The Munsters, first the song and now an actor passed away.
It seems TV will keep going and going and going……

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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