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Holiday Stuff Portrait

There’s a thing called Stuff Portrait Friday which goes on over at Kristine’s Random and Odd.  It has been awhile since I participated, but hey, my last Final is done and I really search for ideas to procrastinate doing housework.  … Continue reading

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Cookie Recipe

Susie, over at Uh Oh Now Look has asked for a Blog Cookie Recipe Exchange to help get into the Christmas Spirit. I will post the recipe for cookies I make year round. Oatmeal Cookies pre-heat oven to 350o lightly … Continue reading

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Home at Last!

Errands in morning. Return books for money back and re-sale.  Line long at bookstore. Math for Elementary Teachers Final Exam Pencil in hand and writing from 2:05pm to 4:15pm. Did not finish last problem cuz Time called. Brain Fried. Fetched … Continue reading

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A Man through the Window

I am looking out the window across the parking lot. A man gets out of a pick-up truck, walks around to the passenger door and opens it. He pulls out a metal object.  His handling of it tells me that … Continue reading

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Going Out Today

Procrastinating the studying for Finals by doing these Their destiny is Unknown as of right now. I am thinking one definitely needs to be given to the HCC Librarian, and one for each of the kids in my Math Study … Continue reading

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Meandering on Hump Day

All these words, and not one mention of Pearl Harbor Day A little bit of this, not too much of that What’s happening….in no particular order….. Portfolio for Composition came back with a grade of 100% Excellent Work!! Semester average … Continue reading

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Time Steals Softly

On Thursday evening, Husband and I went to the Christmas party for his department at ISU.  The food was yummy, and the folks all clustered according to the same way they work together.  Husband, who gets Tech calls from all … Continue reading

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First Snow this season

How much snow did you get? We got about an inch, here on the central Illinois prairie. The picture is from the webcam fastened to the roof of the HCC Classroom Building. It was set up so that the public … Continue reading

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