Meandering on Hump Day

All these words, and not one mention of Pearl Harbor Day

A little bit of this, not too much of that

What’s happening….in no particular order…..

Portfolio for Composition came back
with a grade of 100% Excellent Work!!
Semester average 96.5% A which means I am done with that class and all English credits necessary for my Associate’s Degree.
The Instructor says in all her years of teaching, she has not ever seen anyone stress out so much, yet turn in outstanding work.
After all was said and done so that no idea of bribery could happen, I laid out 6 Christmas colors crocheted bookmarks in front of her and told her to choose one for herself and one for her teenage daughter whom she dotes on and is home-schooling.

She lifted up the same one I would have given her in the first place and said that was ‘very good’.  She had a bit more difficulty separating out for her daughter, said they all were lovely.  She wished me well, and said I should keep writing, and do so happily.
I told her I would rather say it with a hook and thread.

reading a t-shirt that passed in the hall

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Husband and I were up at 6:10 this morning.  It seems there was a need to move several boxes, monitors, and other stuff away from the partitions in his office before the carpenters came to disassemble the furniture.  He then paid me by buying breakfast at McDs, where the coffee was most welcome and tasted good.  It was close to an old married couple’s idea of a date.

There is two inches of snow on the ground and the temperature got all the way up to 17o in today’s sunshine.  I went to my favorite shoe store to buy snow boots.  The clerk there went back to check in the storeroom.  He returned saying there is not a 7W in the style I had chosen, actually not any boots of that size at all in the whole place.
Fashion trends.  We’ve had the first snow, I should be able to buy a swimsuit anytime now.

I went over to mumble mumble walmart.  I found a pair of young man’s size 5 boots which fit just right and for less than $20.  Feeling lucky, I also bought a 3-pair package of socks in the boys dept.  When I got home and put the ensemble together, um, yeah, I believe I can make it through the winter now.  The boots are made in Canada, and the socks in the USA.  Somehow, I feel kinda patriotic.

Bumper stickers in the parking lot of WallyWorld:

I am not a bitch.
I am THE Bitch, and it is Miss Bitch to YOU!

different car

A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose

Awhile back, I posted a little bit about my Diva Cup.  Well, Doris at Gran’s on Bran has done it better.  It seems she read my post, did some other research, and decided to have a couple of the products sent to her house for herself and her daughter.
The link has a picture of her brand new Moon Cup, which is the British version, and an excellent Nurse’s Notes type review of her first monthly’s use.
I’m telling ya, folks, the Internet is a wondrous beast.

Saying Products like that reminds me of talking with my brother about his job.  He works in foodservice of a university in another state.  Whenever he talks about what he does, he never mentions brand names.  It is always “the vendor truck” and we have “six cases of the product”.  It is the closest I ever see to when he gets politically correct.
He tells me he is not allowed to play favorites, he just makes sure that the vending machines are stocked, the servers in the cafeteria have what they need.

The Music Appreciation Instructor decided to have us do a Take Home Final this week, with a Listening Quiz coming Friday, the scheduled last class period.  It seems his daughter-in-law is going to have surgery, so he is distracted with his grading.
While I am sending good vibes for her recovery, I am also somewhat jealous of his relationship within his family.  Our oldest son walked out of this house in May of 2002 and has not ever contacted us since.  Some remarks have come in roundabout ways from folks who have good intentions and know our parental anxiousness.  I believe I have a daughter-in-law, but I haven’t been allowed to worry about her.

reading a t-shirt on a girl who was at the next sink in the washroom

Don’t take life seriously.  It’s not permanent.

Gonna go now.  There’s a bit of time to research Puccini, symphonic poem, vihuela, and allegretto before I get ready for bed.  That may come sooner than usual.  Moving boxes at 6:30am is an unusual activity for this old broad.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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