The Christmas Goodies List

There have been a couple requests for learning what we got/did for Christmas.
The guys just say Happy Holidays! and are letting it be with that.

I would like to link to the Christmas For Better or For Worse comic strip, which says very well just what we are feeling today.
This doesn’t make it any easier to realize that we are quite belated about doing our own family newsletter.
I will make sure it goes out before the post office rates go up, honest.

The front door has a lovely wreath made of real pine branches and was sent from Hallmark.
Would whoever ordered it and had it delivered FedEx to our house please ‘fess up?
Tucked inside the box was a gift card, but no name anywhere that we can find.  Thank You, Whoever!

Lucas brought home Scratchy.

He’s four months old and us humans are having a blast playing with him.

Our almost 11 year old cats, Oscar and Mahalia, are not happy with the young whippersnapper.  Although after two days, Oscar and Scratchy passed in the hallway, less than a foot away from each other, yet there was no hissing nor pawing at the empty air.
We’re trying to keep the strictly dieting, older cats away from the enriched Kitten Chow.
We had to set up a separate litterbox, which doesn’t help because the male cats are still having a pissing contest and going to the other across the room.

Guests and their quirks must be tolerated, no matter what their species!

Here are Chris and Lucas with dinner preparations.

Christmas supper was homemade pierogies, which are a dough spread out real thin with the rolling pin (which hasn’t seen the light of day in at least 5 years), cut with the biscuit cutter (which hasn’t been out of the drawer in 8 years), then stuffed with some kind of homemade potato cheese goop, dried a bit, refrigerated, and then boiled like any regular pasta.
There was something to ladle over it which Lucas put together with cans of tomatoes and sauce and frozen peppers and onions.
I had no idea the pantry could produce such delight!
When I was about to jump up from the table to grab the camera, the guys all protested and said I should just enjoy this fine meal and let you all use your imaginations.

There were boxes of SEE’s candy from Seattle.  That’s where mother-in-law lives, and she does know how to send delightful treats to the prairie.
The ham was mentioned in a former post, and a box of snackables from Hickory Farms, and a tied-together-with-ribbon tower of IKEA’s plastic containers with a variety of treats (talk about beautiful packaging).

My most personal gift to unwrap was this.  My mother-in-law is extremely thoughtful and generous.

Isn’t it pretty?  And sturdy, because I am left-handed, so any bracelet I wear gets moved around too much.  My watch rides on my right wrist, so the nice jewelry has to pull double duty for durability.

You might be wondering just what my Husband of 25 years brought forth.
Well, he hasn’t been married to me for this long without learning a few lessons.
The main one is that he doesn’t need to find trinkets and baubles.
He knows he should be doing things.  He has promised to be the writer of the family newsletter.  He is going to find the proper size screws and fix the closer thingy on the door which had to be removed when the new stove was brought in.  He will be writing the newsletter. He is going to replace the sparkplugs on Chris’s car, which already has the new floor mats in place.  The newsletter will be written this week.

And he made memories.  All the pictures for this post in fact.
Most importantly, the jar which I was having trouble getting the lighting correct and the glare gone.

These pickles are so so yummy.  The only place I have been able to buy them is a grocery store clear across town about a block from the airport.  We happened to be there on Christmas Eve and the place was a madhouse.  We had to get crackers to go with the HF smoky cheese, and Swiss slices to put on ham sandwiches.
And I placed this jar of pickles, a rare and $4.29 per container treat, into the cart.

Christmas comes just once a year.  Perhaps that’s for the best.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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