Christmas Stuff Portrait Friday

Hey, it is Friday!  and Husband has the day off so we went out for breakfast.
Garden of Paradise has the best pancakes in the county 🙂 !

When I came home and checked at my computer, I saw that Kristine at Random and Odd says this is an all Christmas Stuff Portrait Day.

We want to see photos of Christmas cheer such as

Cards, a wrapped gift, and new decorations.


First is the Christmas cards.  Kristine has hers all taped up on the wall and door, which is the way my mom does hers, but here we have a basket given to me from sister-in-law Becky the first Christmas after I had married into their family.

Handmade it, yes she did.  The basket never gets put away.
All year long it holds cards from birthdays, notes and such.
I love to take the things out and look through them and remember good times.
Usually 11 months worth fills the basket once. 
Then the Christmas cards fill it with holiday thoughts.

Next is a wrapped gift.  I didn’t get a picture of any with pretty paper on them.  We are guilty of opening presents as we receive them.  Why wait for just one day when the whole week can be full of surprises?
However, the guy in brown dropped a box on the back porch awhile ago.

The return address says it is a Honeybaked Ham, and prior years of experience tell me this is from sister-in-law Stephanie.
We’re gonna be eating good!

And then the decorations.  Haven’t got the oomph for many this year.  I opened the door to the storeroom, knowing the Christmas stuff is way back on the corner shelf.  Behind a heavy computer monitor, a box of assorted cables, another box of fabric remnants.  Am I ever gonna make another quilt?
Close to the front, if I leaned a wee little bit, I could reach the bag which has the Nativity Sets.  I decided only one this year, the scene for the little people.  I am not endorsing any particular brand, but doggone it, these toys are adorable!

The new part of it is the shepherds.

Out of the box and looking properly worshipful.

They look really good included with the whole scene.

The Holy Family makes this really special.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!  I’m so glad it’s Christmas!

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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