My day in Bits and Pieces

Chris says that when he gets really rich, he is going to have someone bring him a nice hot latte every morning and set it on his nightstand.  Well, this morning, it was Breakfast Blend tea.  Am I spoiling him too much?  Does this mean he is rich Now?

Reading a t-shirt that passed me in the hall:

No need to speak up…
I was ignoring you.

Math Test had 3 pages fronts and backs.
One hour and 20 minutes to complete.

Sample problem 4th grade homework:
Write a word problem for which this outcome is correct.
46 divided by 4 Answer: 2

The Great Harvest Bread Company has the nicest smells. Clear over to the end of the parking lot.  The hunk of free bread they hand over the counter is enough for breakfast tomorrow.

At the grocery store, after getting 9 of the 10 items on the list, I had to wait in line for 27 minutes to check-out.  Six of the 7 lanes with checkers were open, and 4 U-scans, but there were so many shoppers, with so much stuff in the carts.
When I handed the charge slip with my signature on it back to the clerk, I said in my best Playground Supervisor Voice “You Folks carry on well in the face of Adversity.” 
Several people around me, including the harried bagboy, grinned.
I hope I brightened the moment.

Husband is a man on a mission.  He wants a certain type of speakers for his VW Beetle Bug.  We began at WALMART and onward to two different auto parts stores.  Only a low bladder capacity brought us home.  Absolute desperation might expect anyone to use a restroom at WallyWorld, and I’m not even sure AutoZone has one for customers.
I think he’s downstairs checking sites online now.

The cats do not like windy, colder, autumn evenings.  Crackling leaves blowing around on the sidewalk make them nervous.  I have opened and shut the door 4 times in the 45 minutes since returning from the jaunt in search of speakers.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

For my test, the word problem I wrote is:

Mary Ann has 46 buttons in the box when she takes it off the shelf.  She sews 4 buttons on each shirt.  She is able to make 11 shirts.  How many buttons are in the box when Mary Ann returns it to the shelf?

Hopefully, the teacher will get the grading done by Tuesday’s class.
I won’t wait on the edge of my seat, though.  I have a 10 page Composition paper Advisory Draft due.

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