Round and backwards

Brenda’s answer about the cows and chickens is correct.  I’ll be posting the answers soon.
Meanwhile, I am still doing documentation for that lesson, figuring 4 Math problems for homework, writing a 2 pager about guitar history for MA class, and have to come up with a topic proposal for Composition, alongside doing a re-write for the last paper, which came back with a ‘Not Ready for Grading’ note on it.
Five pages 3 sources to shuffle and print.

I   H-A-T-E   college classes.  Trying to meet someone else’s idea of what is good writing and train of thought to follow.  There’s reasons why this is my Fifth try, and it’s only for an Associate Degree.  My therapist says that nothing worthwhile comes easily.  If it does, we wouldn’t appreciate it enough.

People keep telling me I’m so smart.  Why have I never been good at earning money?

I got my Social Security report awhile back.  Dismal and dreary wages over the years.
Six years with nothing at all: big round Zeroes in the little boxes.  The best time of my life when I was home with my sons and I didn’t have to worry about meetings on snowy days and could walk the floor half the night with a baby cutting a tooth, and then sleep until Noon.

The salary of my spouse is much better.  His generosity with it is legendary.  HE already has a Bachelor’s Degree and would Just Love to be taking college classes for a Master’s and learning new stuff and debating ideas with people smart in his areas of interest.
This is a very lopsided partnership, and I’m doing the dragging.

I have 5 pages of typing to do for something else.  It has to earn a grade of B, and not turning it in at all (which is my first thought) means I flunk the class.  A required class within a podunk community college is about to cause me a nervous breakdown, even after I dropped an Ed Psyche class so I can focus on Composition.

Going round and round like this for days has not helped much.  I guess I’ll have a cup of hot chocolate then face this screen again.
It’s a long time until the end of May.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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