Grade, Math Lesson, Apples, and a Tuba

For a Monday, this was a good one.
It began with Music Appreciation class.  He passed back papers and mine had a grade of an A and a note saying I had done a thorough job of background research for each name, and the description is concise.  The other was a day’s class notes, which he surprised us by saying “pass in the sheet of paper you have in front of you”.  Mine did not have doodles nor a splotch of blood from pulling my cuticles, for which I am forever grateful.  Its grade had an A+ and “good interactive notes”.  Husband asked how good does it feel to get an A, but this one came easily.  If I don’t take good notes in class, I cannot ever expect to know anything for a test and beyond.
The other thing that happened in class was that he asked an open-ended question about the Reformation.  I asked if he meant when Martin Luther nailed his complaints on the door of the chapel in Wittenberg.  He looked relieved, and said Exactly that!
Who woulda thunk that something learned from a Humanities class at Milligan College in 1978 would come back and save us in the knick of time.

This afternoon, I had a meeting with a Second Grader and we are working on Math problems.  He did a bunch of work, I have to describe our lesson session, and my college Math grade hangs in the balance.  His mom baked a most delicious apple cake to help us over the rough spots.  I picked up the recipe paper and began reading the glowing description of this cake’s greater assets.  I did it with all the skills I learned in Oral Communications class, and by the end I had an adult lady and several children laughing out loud!  Perhaps my next calling is as an actress.
Move over Rosie O’!!!
    On the way home, I came upon a roadside stand with a big sign for APPLES.  I pulled in and there was a whole cart full of sacks of apples and a list for the prices and a box for the money.  It is the Honor System, and I did my best calculation and left the required amount.  I chomped into a red beauty before I got back into the car.  Oh yes, Yum-mee.

Tonight, there was a recital of the Chamber Winds in one of the music halls on the ISU campus.  I am responsible to attend two concerts this semester, and will receive credit in my Music class for going to each.  I walked down (the parking problem is unending) plus I need the exercise walking home after sitting for an hour and a half.
I never before realized how big a tuba is! and the fella playing it looked like he might have stroke on any note.

My position is a bit unique.  I am a parent of a Music Major student;  I am a college student (albeit up the street the other direction, but my credits should transfer to State) and have to write my opinionated report;  and I sat in front of a couple who are our neighbors and are ISU Music Department faculty—the coaches of the performers.
I know just enough about each part to keep interested to see what happens next.

My, so late already.  Time does fly when busy.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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