Fall Schedule

The deadline has been Beat.  By Two days, no less. 
I sat and stared at schedules and classroom numbers until the screen was a blur.  There was a bit of confusion because I am not exactly clear for what’s on the paper that has my list (from the late 70s) of transfer classes on it.  Do the highlights mean I Need it, or did it Transfer?

Throwing my hands up in defeat, I decided to take my chances without an appointment at the Academic Advisor office. 
That was on Tuesday, August 9.

The wait was only 30 minutes.  The Advisor, who has M.S. after her name on the door of her office, took one look at the wrinkled paper and said it would be best for me to get into a Math 135/136 class if I want an actual Associate Degree.  Math 131 is usually set up for students who simply need any Math class credit, and if I want to move onward to a B.A. degree, then I would have to take another math class later anyway.  Having earned a B in Intermediate Algebra, I can handle the challenge.  Uh huh, she has more confidence than I do about this studying and passing grade expectations.  She put my name in at 2pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I’ll be a zombie that time of day, but the teacher has good evaluations from former students.

Then she says I need another Humanities class, although two of those did transfer.  She looked at the schedule with slots still open.  Nothing like me waiting until the last minute, and beggars can’t be choosers.  I told her that I remember Greek architecture, and Aristotle and Charlemagne and pictures of paintings from all those years ago.  I’ve never had any formal class about music since high school, so I’m in for Music Appreciation 10am M-W-F.

Required by every student is Composition 102.  Having had a terrible experience in Comp 101, I am not looking gladly at this necessity.  I also specified I want a man teacher for writing, which was a good thing, because the only two classes with openings are both taught by males.  I now have an evening class on Tuesdays from 6-9pm.

This fulfills the requirements for the basics towards an Associate Degree.  Any other classes are electives. 
Having not laid eyes on me before, this advisor was doing her best to get an idea of where I want to be when I’m done at the community college.  I could read this of her, and I give myself credit for having lived long enough to be able to see the signs.  This ability has not come easily for me, as my long history of low end jobs and disgruntled co-workers can verify.

Well, anyway, I liked being a daycare teacher much better than being an LPN. A couple Psychology credits did transfer, but she says I might like the Educational Psychology class, and it shouldn’t be as much work as the growth and development class I had been looking at.  If I am worrying about homework for the math class, then I should take an easier class beside it.  By this time, my head is really swimming, and I just want to get out of there.  OK, Sure, I need to be full-time for the financial aid to come through.

She turns to her computer and scrolls down.  She looks at the notes she had written, and within 10 minutes had me all enrolled, and the schedule, with its bill printed.
I was in awe, and I told her so, and now I tell you.  She looked a bit embarrassed and said it’s her job, what she does all day long, she’s supposed to do it well.

I paid the tuition I owe with the VISA card. I’m going to get my books next Monday or Tuesday.  $Aid cover$ them, apparently there is a $et-up at the bookstore.

I don’t know how it might be where you live, but the community college here sure is good for its citizens.  Especially the ones like me who aren’t so good with school stuff.  There are Interpersonal Communications classes, building good study habits (I am a bit lazy, truly I am), an afternoon session about writing a fine Resume (even after getting fired from a previous job), Tutors.
On the way out, I passed a table where the girl was handing out applications for Project Rise, which is aimed at folks who are the first to go to college from their family.  I am not the first in the family, one sister earned a Master’s in her mid-40s, another one is an Accountant, and youngest sister already has an A.D.  Husband and a couple sons have Bachelor’s degrees. On the app, I did have to say that neither parent went to college.  Even for my age, it seems this is a big deal because the expectations for quality education are formed early in life.

I am still having a hard time taking it all in. 
ME, a Full Time college student!  Whenever someone asked what I do, I have to say I am a Student.  There was awhile when I said Nurse. Janitor. Foodservice Worker. Daycare Teacher.  None of those come close to the best one when I could answer MOM.

To everything there is a season.  Now is the time for me.  It would be better if Husband was taking classes.  He actually enjoys getting educated.  Maybe in another year or so, and if we win the lottery.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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