Outdoor Concert

Every summer for the last 8 years, the ISU music department sponsors Concerts on the Quad.  This is just a couple blocks from my house, so carrying a lawn chair and my crochet bag, I walk over and have a chance to enjoy the evening air. 

I missed the first 4 concerts this summer, due to Crochet class or other commitments.  However, this evening was Broadway show tunes, and I determined to go.  When I went down the steps, the porch thermometer told me the temp was 93. 
The trees on the Quad helped with shade, and there is a light breeze blowing.  I was glad for my bottle of water to drink and cloth towel to wipe my dripping forehead.  (Would it sound more romantic if I said my moist brow?)

The performers/singers/artists are the faculty and grad students of the ISU Music department, where youngest son Chris has been accepted to become a student this Fall semester.  This mother is much more impressed than he is, even though he did the auditions and essay writing and other paperwork.

Broadway tunes.  MEMORY from CATS.  Gilbert and Sullivan.  Andrew Lloyd Webber.  Aaron Copland.  Tim Rice.  other big names I cannot remember.  a soprano I thought was going to shatter the glass in the windows of the new building next door cuz Carmen was singing about her new boyfriend.
Somewhere in the middle, the pianist said that if she seemed a bit awkward, it was because there was a large black ant sharing her space.  It would crawl across the white keys, then hide on a black one.  One time it jumped to her finger and crawled up her arm.  She was having a hard time concentrating on the pages, so bear with her.
I’m telling ya, live music, there’s no telling what is going to happen.

The duet finale was The PRAYER, made famous by Josh Groban and the woman could not remember the name of the young girl.  I looked up from my crochet hook and bookmarker and answered Charlotte Church.  Keep in mind that this was an outdoor concert and I was at least 80 feet from the stage.  The performer looked back my way and asked Who was that?  The name?  Goodness gracious, I thought I had managed to repress my “teacher on the playground” voice.
I said a wee bit louder Charlotte Church, but folks around me had also heard it the first time, so we called out in unison Charlotte Church.  There was a bit of tittering through the crowd, but the lady on stage seemed relieved.  She then said she would be singing the part made famous by Charlotte Church, and my thinking is that she did a better job than the youngster on the CD.

Walking home at twilight, not another sign of movement on the whole street.  The porch thermometer said it was still 89.  I’m so grateful for my working man who pays the bills for air conditioning and water for a nice shower.  I’m gonna commence participation of these luxuries.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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