Go over there to Chookooloonks

What a busy day!  Two classes first thing this morning.  I got back the Revision of Paper 2, with a grade of a B+. 
Once the Instructor finally made some decent comments and said what she wanted, I can shovel manure with the best of ‘em.
Algebra quiz came back with a 25/25 score. 
I am bowing at your accolades…..

Husband and I met at Latte Time for lunch.  Those sandwiches are just the most delicious. 

I went shopping for walking shoes, which is much easier than dress shoe shopping.  I buy SAS shoes, and this time was Mocha color.  They are made in San Antonio, Texas and are so very comfy for my size 7W feet.

As a treat, I stopped in at Michael’s, the hobby store.  A beautiful shade of yellow of my favorite cotton thread was on Clearance for half price.  I bought out the bin. 
The next two baby blankets are taken care of.  Trouble was the hook.  I thought I could make do with one in my pouch, but I had to pull out the first two rows three times. 
When the yarn manufacturer says 4mm on the label, a 3.25 made in England doesn’t work very well.  Finally ended up at 7:30 this evening at Hobby Lobby for a proper size hook. The first row is looking good, but I wanted to check my favorite websites before going to bed.

Go over there along the sidebar, find Chookooloonks, click on it, and take a long look around.  She writes from her home in Trinidad, has a picture gallery going that will bring tears to your eyes.  Plus, her daughter is just the most beautiful child ever. 

I am about to get horizontal on the Tempurpedic mattress.  After I take the shirts out of the dryer, load the dishwasher, feed the cats, take out the trash, and do the bedtime routine. 
The mattress in about 30 minutes….
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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