Busy critters

I left off just as I was going to Women’s Retreat.
While I was waiting for my ride, I stood in the doorway, looking out through the screen at the pouring rain.  Just as it was slacking off a bit, a very pregnant squirrel came around the corner of the house and walked over to the base of the maple tree.  She sat there and looked up at the branch about 12 feet off the ground.  I could see her gathering all her breath and willpower, then she began to climb.
She made it to the first branch, then sat and rested, breathing deeply.  As if she could feel my eyes on her, she looked right over across the porch, and me standing just inside the door. 
I really wanted to get a picture, but I was afraid I would startle her if I opened the door, and the camera didn’t focus well through the screen.
Having gotten her second wind, she turned and began to climb in a sort of spiral pattern, so that she disappeared around the back of the trunk.  Then I could hear the rustling of leaves, over and above the drip of the raindrops.  A couple shreds and sticks came tumbling from the area of the first fork of the trunk. 
She was getting settled in, and from what I had seen, she might have given birth over the weekend. 
I shall have to keep our kittycats away from the vicinity of baby squirrels.

When he is outside, Oscar keeps going to the same bush and sitting and watching for quite awhile at a stretch.  I believe there was a bunny’s nest under that same bush last summer, so he might know something us humans haven’t noticed yet.  The neighbors who have gardens, both flower and vegetable, say that Oscar can get all the rabbits he can stomach.
A friend who was in the same car going to Retreat says she would like to borrow our cat.  The rabbits have eaten off her tulips down to the dirt, and a couple other flowers are showing signs that they make a good snack. 
However, her housing situation does not allow cats, so she is going to ask the maintenance man for some help.  She does love her flowers. 
Myself, I enjoy watching the critters.  We tend to mow down most of the plantlife on this property. 
Allergies…. the season is coming quick…..

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