Back at classes

Well, Folks, the great Spring Break is done and we are getting back into the ruts of routine.

Algebra is at Chapter 6 Factoring Polynomials where X is not equal to 1.  Homework practice problems took almost two hours, and the Instructor was dropping hints that a quiz could be coming next time.

Composition I is the First Draft of Paper 2 ready for Peer Response.  That’s four pages due at 8am Wednesday.  College research papers are not nearly as much fun as writing for a blog.

Husband made cables with connectors for something in one of the computer labs.  He is so entertaining, sitting and watching reruns of THE SIMPSONS, yet doing work for his job.  He says his salary covers these little extras, and I know he likes working with his hands this way.

Chris is typing even more than I am for a paper, so I know his schedule is catching up with him. 
Seems like what goes around comes ‘round again.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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