Mother mode

Babies have always been high on my list of the best times of life.  I have always loved babies.  I played with baby dolls, the kind who need diapers changed and rocked to sleep.  Barbie might be called a doll, but she rarely got my attention. 
As soon as my mom said I could, I began babysitting little children.  First in the neighborhood or from church, and after I got my driver’s license, I went all over two towns.  Babies are learning everything, and it is so much fun to teach them, and read to them, and sing silly songs, rock and cuddle, and count teeth.  There is much to learn even about changing diapers.

Given the privilege of bringing three boy babies of my own into this world is probably the best thing I have ever done.  Along with choosing a great guy to fall in love with, one who helped to raise our sons and is even more proud of them than I am (which is a whole lot).

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