Weekend woes and worries

The homework is what I will say is done for the weekend.  Husband says I should jump through the hoops about the Composition class.  The instructions say to make a proper Outline and print it, print out the first ideas (not necessarily in paragraph form), mark it all up in an Activity called GLOSSING, then turn that in.
There’s more, if you really want to bother with it…..

Then put all the changes into the next draft, print that out, have someone in my “study group” read it (yes, it is really as politically correct as it sounds) to get a second opinion.
Then type up all the changes needed there, print it.
Perhaps you have found this to be tedious and boring enough already.
The final outcome is supposed to make us better writers, take it one step at a time, start small, center thoughts. 
To help train the mind by an outmoded method declared long before the Delete Key came along.

There is a Comment on my previous post which probably won’t be understood by most of my readers.  I made an error in judgment and posted a Comment on a blog written by a young man who attends a different community college.  I came off as condescending, etc.  Someone asked why I even would go to the fellow’s site, so I tried to explain that as well.  You can look at the new list of Favorite Blogs on the right there, scroll down and click for GEORGE! and link over to see what all the fuss was about.

What bothers me most is that someone actually came over here, read some of my writing, then went back over there to complain about what she calls my Mary Engelbrecht-ish layout. 
Say it here, where it really counts! 
After the week just passed (my brother-in-law finally had energy to take a shower—three days after his accident), getting told off on two blogs was the bright spot that got the weekend on track.

Here is a link about Internet communications.  The language is a bit off-color, but the attitude is exactly accurate.
It takes the program “apple quicktime” to view it properly.

Red vs Blue: Welcome to the Internet

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