A Calm Spring Day

There are some things which should not be shared, and a cold is one of them. Misery does not love company in this case, so I shall not burden you with the details.  As I sit here munching chocolate covered peanuts and reading other people’s blogs and having to clean the screen twice because of spewing while reading or sneezing, I can say, this last 40 minutes has not been real noteworthy. 

Soo, what to write about in the next 40, hmmm?.  I say I have only that long because I have to be over at the church building to help cook supper for 100 on Family Fun Night.
I just might take a mask or something with me, although I have noticed that the sneezing is not quite so bad at other places.  Here at home, the cat hair makes great contributions to nasal problems. 
The broom and I just cannot stay ahead of the critters.

  In Comp class, I received back the Revision Plan for Paper 1.  That was written on the fly, first assignment I might have missed if she had not given some in-class time to do the write-up.  She says she truly enjoys my writing, that I should take a Creative Writing Class.  Well, Duh.  That was my original intention when I checked the schedule for Spring Semester, but the Academic Advisor said NO, everyone must Pass Comp 101 before moving on.  A piece o’ cake, yes?  Husband thinks so, and he is even more tired of hearing about it than you are.

  On the home front, Chris and one of his bandmates carried in from the cold some huge musical equipment, either speakers or amps, I am not sure which is which, and left them in the middle of the living room overnight.  Last evening, Husband is trying to watch KING OF THE HILL, and the TV is all kinds of funny patterns and colors.  He knew right away this was caused by a magnet, and then came to the conclusion that those boxes just a couple feet away have some strong magnets inside. 
  Chris carefully carried them all by himself to his office, so by the time JUDGING AMY came on, the TV screen colors had returned almost to normal.  Science in our house is an ongoing learning experience.
    Someone asked me for some pictures, but the weather on the prairie is not something to be all gaga over.  The sky is a bleached out blue, the sun is a pale yellow which extends no warmth, the ground is dull brown with an occasional darker brown leaf or a fallen branch dotting the flatness.
There are a couple squirrels getting frisky and running up and down the locust tree.  In a few weeks I will try to spy where the nest and babies are, because if those escapades don’t lead to some baby-making, then Nature ain’t working right no more.
    This morning’s paper had an article about the grove of sugar maple trees across the county.  Since the sap is running, that means Spring is definitely on its way.  As if the squirrels hadn’t already told me first.
Gotta get this framed and posted. 
Take care, and Thanks for reading!

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