Doing Homework

There’s a buddy from the old college days who lives in Ft. Myers, FL.  When I saw the page in the Algebra book, I just had to send off a note to her.  This is a great way to postpone the inevitable and study for the Quiz coming tomorrow morning!
Dear Cindy,
In my Algebra book is a picture with a word problem.

Banyan Tree
The largest banyan tree in the continental United States is at the Edison House in Ft. Myers, Florida.  The circumference of the aerial roots of the tree is 390 feet.
Find the diameter of the aerial roots to the nearest tenth of a foot.

On the facing page is a picture of Tom Hanks as he appeared in CASTAWAY (as my romance novels say he is “naked to the waist.”  Sigh)  and the problem wants the student to find the circumference of the volleyball.

I’d like to just stay right here and not go on with the homework.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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