Way to my Heart

The Herrschner’s catalog came today.  This is the bestest Wish Book Ever! for someone who works with yarn.  Turning every page with care, I perused and considered and looked some more, forgetting my spoon hovering over the bowl of beef stew. 
I have been known to loiter in the yarn aisle at the craft store for an hour, just looking and touching the texture of yarns.  That’s correct, a customer is allowed to touch. 
Why, the other day, a clerk pushed a skein of yarn at me and exclaimed “Feel This! how Soft!”  which is much better than just reading colorful pages in a catalog.
The Herrschner’s National Afghan Contest Winners were printed. 
The patterns have to be original, and my, they are beautiful. 
Just yesterday, my Therapist asked me about my “empty nest” and what do I want to do with the next chapter in my life. 
With only a minute’s pause, I responded “I would love to win a crochet contest.  Or at the very least, bring in the top bid at the charity auction.  No more selling a lovely afghan for a measly $20.”
And I have a good tool to get going.  Husband got a Valentine’s Day gift for me a bit early.  A BRITTANY walnut wooden crochet hook.  E-bay had an auction going with a Buy It Now! price, so he just called up PayPal.  My comfy, smoothe hook in a well-padded box landed in the bottom of the mailbox a couple days ago. 
Now that is true love, folks….no candy (he does have to pay for the dental insurance and co-pay) or flowers (I am allergic to at least a dozen).  Just click on a great tool of my hobby and I am one happy woman.

I think I’ll get going on the use of that hook.  Pretty soon, CSI and William Petersen will be on TV.


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