Article for Comp Class—Plus

First class on Wednesday mornings is Composition 101 at 8am.  Our assignment had been to find an article from a credible source and relate it somehow to our position in life.
After reading a couple newspapers and magazines, I found a report about Head Lice and the history of co-habitation with humans.
For my own perspective, I related how one time my dad gave me a buzz-cut and wiped my head with a rag soaked in kerosene.  How much cleaning and de-lousing work had to be done when one of my sons brought the cooties home.  How a bad infestation in the church nursery caused several families to do laundry loads that numbered nearly to a hundred. 

When the Instructor asked if anyone was willing to share the paper, I hesitated a bit.  No one raised a hand.  Since I am sitting front and corner, and the Instructor could see that I had article and paper prepped and ready, she asked me to read my essay.
I don’t think she knew what she was in for.  Nor did anyone else.  Head Lice?  for Composition class?  There were a few gasps, some tittering, a couple soft hand claps at the end.

Gathering her wits, she proceeded to break down the Claim, what points could be improved to strengthen the proposal.  Says I am about halfway to Draft 1 of Paper 1.  And that a few extra points would be added to my average for coming to class well-prepared.

Read on for a picture about what I did with hook and thread

On another note, here is a gratuitous photo of the latest crochet project… begun December 19, the Sunday before Christmas, and finished Sunday afternoon, January 26.  It is earmarked for my friend Amy’s grandchild due to arrive in a month.
A baby blanket 100% DMC Traditions size 10 bedspread cotton. 
Actual measurements 42” by 36”

The pictures were taken with a pocket-size digital camera, the Minolta XG dImage. 

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