Ahh, yes, Friday

TGIF! even if I did have classes at 8am and 9am.  By 10:15 I was quite hungry, so as I was putting on my coat, I asked if anyone knew if the drive-thru up the street was still serving breakfast.  10:30, so I could jusst make it.
I walked in the door, food and coffee in hand, and the son was not moving about. 

I knocked on his door and asked if he was gonna shower and did he need the car for class.  Turns out, he does not even have classes on Fridays (I had forgotten).  Golly, I could have eaten at the shop and had warmer food.  Sigh, this roommate/not-the-momma thing is getting difficult.

Husband is home safe and tired.  Mainly from interacting with so many other people.  He called from the place he calls his “third office”, the coffee shop, so I went to do chauffeur duty.
He smelled so good, like old coffee and hotel soap.  I wonder if he brought home the soap?  I’ll have to ask him tomorrow, he hit the sheets early.
Seeing that Husband was not in the mood to be chatty this evening, I went down to the coffee shop where a guitar player was providing live music.  He sang some Billie Holliday and some John Denver. I crocheted 3 rows using the walnut wood hook, sipped chai, and devoured a piece of Italian Creme Cake.  Talk about good times, but I don’t know why I seem so hungry today.  Must be the 11o weather.
There was a new girl getting trained on how to use the espresso machine and make drinks.  She seems much more adept at keeping the wishes of the customers straight than I ever did.
After that last yawn, it would seem I should be wandering down the hall myself.  ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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