It’s not Monthly Anymore

Forewarning:  female events ahead
the original title was: My Virgin Underwear

Someone who reads my Dear Ones has put the word out that I have some experience in Women’s Health issues.  What with being a student nurse taking care of a girl with gonorrhea, living for several months in a home for unwed mothers, almost dying during labor and delivery of first baby, having a miscarriage and Not feeling sad about it, post-partum depression, raising three sons…. umm, yeah, I guess I have lived life and willing to tell about it.

Last week I received some information about a drama production being put together over at the university.  Today, I read all the fine print and signed the consent forms.  The final project will be about real-life decisions women have made about their reproductive health, apparently made into a play, with all situations being Anonymous and student actors bringing out the believability.
Looks like a lot of work, but my part of it should be fine.  I am still shrugging in wonder that anyone might be interested in what I have to say.  There are so many echoes of my dad sneering (it wasn’t easy for him, having four daughters), but I guess that is what the Bible means when it says to put away childish things.

I can write about my life, or be interviewed, or a combination.  I don’t know that we should call it fun.  There is mention of emotional aspects about dredging up regrets and such.  My take on that is ‘What’s done is done’ and those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. 

My reproductive health isn’t much of an issue these days.  My period isn’t monthly anymore.  Although it came yesterday, much to my consternation.  Back in early January, I bought some new underpants at an after-Christmas sale.  My favorite cottons, with a covered band on the legs and wide elastic at the waist.  Snowy white, but they were on sale so nicely that I don’t care at all about being stylish.
And they stayed snowy white for months, washing after washing.

Those of you who know the joy of irregular menses can relate to the stains in the crotchal area of just about any and all your undies.  Mine could never get clean again, no matter how soon I pre-soaked.  Ever since I was a teenager, my period could come anytime from 21 days to 38 days.  I was told having a baby would even things out.  Breast-feeding knocked aside that speculation.  And even after my wonderful husband got permanent birth control, I still have to worry about all my female aches and moods.

And now comes menopause.  I looked at the little red Xes on my calendar.  This is early November, and only my 6th period of the year.  It was 43 days since the last, and there were 90 days before that one.  I was thinking all the heart palpitations and night sweats last week were because of writing that blasted paper for Composition class, but oh, no, yesterday a pair of my lovely-nice-white-less-than-a-year-old undies got their first stain and I actually had to spend a quarter in the little machine in the Ladies Room.

And that’s another thing I got upset about.  25 cents for ONE pad.  The costs of being female go way beyond babies and boobs and pretty white underwear.  Which is why, about a year ago, I decided to follow a trail of comments and found The Diva Cup.
Go on over and read it.  There are Testimonials, and Directions for use, and of course the Purchase page.

Way back when I was in LPN school, one of the Instructors mentioned something called a pessary.  We had it on a list of words we had to know from the glossary, and until I clicked at this website, I never again thought of that word.
Let me tell you, folks, I certainly wish I had paid attention and that I had found this comfortable, re-usable device right after our last baby all those years ago.

Even today, it is welcome.  Maybe because I have lived long enough, had so many medical people doing exams, a trustworthy and loving mate, and life’s experiences, that I am long past the ICK factor in using this.  Bleeding is a female bodily function, and no matter what, it must be dealt with.  Meanwhile, might as well be environmentally conservative and convenient.

One thing Composition tries to teach is that we should have a valid Topic and use Supporting Sentences.
I’m not sure what is my Topic, other than I am a woman in menopause.  Millions and millions of women have been down this road before me, and if they made it, so should I.  And I have found a nice device to help get through the days and nights more easily.  Did I mention the nights?  No leaking or stains on the sheets.  Really and Truly.  Although it certainly doesn’t help settle the cramps.
And wow, the cramps are almost as bad now as after the second baby.

It’s a cold and blowy and drizzly Saturday afternoon.  A good time for a nap with a cat on my lap.
All this seems like a fine solution today, yes it does.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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6 Responses to It’s not Monthly Anymore

  1. lawbrat says:

    I’ve seen the Diva cup before…online. The funny thing, I was just thinking about it today as I was purchasing feminine products. The prices are horrible. I dont have the ICK factor either. But, I do have ICK when I’m not expecting it, not prepared for it, and I’m in the grocery store. Not fun.

  2. momma says:

    I must admit in 70 years this is the first time I have heard of this product. We are never too old to learn some thing new are we!

  3. kristine says:

    is it too early for me to be going through pre-pre menapause?

    I didn’t have one for THREE months. I had to go to the doc to get pills to make me start!

  4. MrsDoF says:

    Lawbrat, I was reading on another blog about the Instead cups, available at Walmart. Maybe those would be good to try at first, then go for the Diva cup, which I paid $30, but lasts for years.

    Momma Mary, we are never too old to learn. Look how well you use your computer, and it was unheard of when you were a newborn!

    Kristine, ya never can tell with hormones. My youngest sister had to do the same thing as you are going through, and we are from the same genetic family.

  5. Doris says:

    LOL Good on you for being brave enough to mention the stains! No-one ever does and then all I see in the shops are these glamourous bits of nothing which I can’t bring myself to squander money on for day to day wear because wouldn’t want them to get stained!

    You’ve mentioned that diva cup again… I really must do something about it now! I bet it will be one of those purchases I will make and then wonder why on earth I didn’t do it before!

    As for the cramps being worse….. that too for me! I can’t believe all the cramps and zits I have as an older adult and never had before!

  6. Maria says:

    I am glad you are going to be interviewed and do some writing for this women’s project. You are a fine survivor of so many difficulties and your perception and views are helpful to so many of us.
    I believe strongly in women supporting women and I believe you will make a difference in many women’s lives with your honesty and ability to share your life.