Another Mill bites the dust

The Peaches-n-Creme website has been having a Clearance sale the last few weeks. I have not been able to afford to buy anything, nor have I really needed to, but I like to look.
Ever since Walmart no longer sells the Peaches-n-Creme cotton yarn, I’ve had a yearning to work some with my hands.

Then this morning, I clicked here and there, and learned that the company has been sold.

Sad is not a strong enough word for what I am feeling right now.
For the family owners, the workers, and us customers who love a product so much. My potholders are not the same using a different brand of yarn.

I have some P-n-C yarn in a bin in my hobby room. Whatever I make with it will be done with an extra bit of loving care.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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A gal with a kind heart. Married to a nice guy. Empty Nest. Part-time flexible job in the public school system. Loves to work with yarn.
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One Response to Another Mill bites the dust

  1. momma says:

    It has to be hard to see the products we loved and have used for many years just disappear. Also knowing that the people responsible for making them will now face difficulties. But providing good products quickly and constantly is not a priority when dealing in the world of profit. I’m sure many more of the things we like will go the same way unfortunately.