Monday Morning by 9 AM

This morning, I got an urgent e-mail from my spouse who was already at his job.

It seems in his dash out the door, he forgot a few items.

Would I please deliver in about an hour?

So I used up 20 minutes looking for his reading glasses, called his desk to find out any clues, so when there was no answer, I decided to just walk on down with what I had in hand.
Wasn’t sure where I might be able to park my bicycle, and University Street is still closed due to construction, so walking seemed a better choice.

The first day of classes on the University Quad is always interesting. I’ve done it a few other times, having lived here all these years. Flip-flops on so many feet that the sound of slapping is overwhelming. How do ankles manage any support? A guy’s ear buds were so loud I could identify the song he was listening to. New backpacks and tote bags.

And communication devices. Two friends walking together, but talking on their phones and not to each other.
One gal was texting, and stepped off the edge of the walk into mud from construction. She was wearing new sneakers, so at least her ankle had a little help.

When I went in to Husband’s office, he wasn’t there. His mate offered to track him down, but I said I just needed to drop off the goodies. Also decided to search his backpack, one of those wifely privileges I fall upon when I have already gone bonkers with ransacking his desk, and the table in the breakfast nook.
I did find his reading glasses in a zipped shut pouch.

On the way home, I stopped at Burger King in the student center for a biscuit sandwich to go. Coming back out into sunlight, I spied a dark-haired young man carefully studying a print-out campus map. I grinned and said he looks like a tourist.

He asked where is Moulton Hall, pointing to the printed word with one finger, the building and number with another.
I gave him directions to go across the bridge over College Avenue, and reassured him that he will get his schedule straight real soon, and if he is late, just hold up the map and the professor should be understanding.

In my own kitchen, I separated the sandwich, cooked a scrambled egg, added some cheese and Cholula sauce, then had a feast while reading part of the Sunday paper.

After looking around my online haunts, I must now get going on the laundry. Looking down through the chute, I can see there is a bunch. And the recent heat wave means it is quite stinky.

Hope your Monday is beginning at least as good as mine has.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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