A Little Blue Bag

after breakfast, for awhile I’m crocheting nicely.
Began a little drawstring bag, got the bottom and about 1/3 of the height done, the second row up from the colors stripe

then went out to meet the mailman with a birthday card going Hello, Mary 🙂

came back in, checked computer stuff, then picked up hook and blue thread again

It seemed to be taking a long time to get the bag done, even had to adjust the spaces for putting in the drawstring

when I set down my hook to fasten off the thread, my eye caught the size of hook I had been using

I had begun the bag with a size 3 which is 1.85mm
the hook I finished with is the one I use to crochet bookmarks, a size 7 which is 1.50mm

We wouldn’t think that .35mm is very much smaller, except I had to add in a row, plus those gaps for the pull string

Nobody else would know but my tired hand

this also explains why I am still in my bathrobe and forgot to eat lunch, yet it is already 2:00 in the afternoon

and I have learned to put the hook from the last project out of hand’s reach before beginning a new one so there are no mix-ups!

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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